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With So many conferencing solutions available today…

Conferencing Solutions

There are many conferencing solutions available today,GVO Conference

 all work well,it’s best to choose the system that you can afford

with the most features that you will use.

 My top choice for Video Web Conferencing is:

GVO Conference – Affordable Video Web Conferencing
with easy access and no downloads

1. 50 Seat room with Full Capabilities (Larger Rooms if Needed)
2. Power Point Presentations (My Favorite Tool)
3. Video conferencing in full duplex
4. Show videos live in the room (You-Tube, ect…)
5. Full browser sharing
6. Desk Top Sharing
7. Record your calls and presentations (Great For Replays)

 Only $8.97 per month for 50 seat room with all the bells and whistles.
No one else can offer this technology
at a price that is affordable for everyone!

 Click here to purchase GVO Conference NOW!

 With Video Web Conferencing technology you can:

        1.      Offer training for your down line
2.       Hold opportunity calls for groups from around the globe
3.       Meet with individuals for prospecting and presentations
4.       Meet with new team members for personal training
5.       Offer live support to your business clients
6.       Offer product training for your clients and potential clients
7.       Communicate with all your family, friends, and business associates

There are many uses for Video Web Conferencing
and  you will soon see how simple the process can be
for you to invite your prospects to meet with you in your own
Video Web Conference room.

Click here to purchase GVO Conference NOW!


P.S. When you really think about it anyone anywhere, weather business or personal contacts
 will be delighted with the potential of Video Conferencing.

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GVO Conference


My Cinnamon Buns taste great…

“The Bigger the Buns – the better they are?”

Hi, my name is Maureen and I live in the great state of Michigan. My husband

is Lloyd, and this is his blog.  Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

One of my favorite shows on The Food Network™ is Chefs Vs City.  On a recent

episode talented chefs Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino traveled to Dallas,

Texas to go up against fellow Food Network Stars Aaron McCargo, Jr. ( Big Daddy)

and Adam Gertler, a former contestant on The Next Food Network Star.  On

this episode one of the challenges was to re-create a famously huge cinnamon roll.

In our small town, I am known for my famous cinnamon rolls.  For years I have

made them, from scratch, for every school event our children have been involved

in such as pre-game meals for football and basketball, banquets, orchestra concerts,

etc…  The kids have told me that they would wear tee shirts that say “Mommas Buns

Are The Best” if I would give them free cinnamon rolls for life.  Today, I decided to

make the huge cinnamon roll for a few of the boys coming over after Track practice.

Let’s just say it was a success.  The big bun was out of the oven, frosted, and gone

within two hours, which is no easy task since it was the size of an extra large pizza.

However, experience has taught me that if you put food in front of growing boys;  it will

soon disappear – and it did!  -Maureen Wells