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Transform Your Websites To Look Like A Awesome Sales Machines

Logo-Creator-Marc Sylvester-Laughingbird SoftwareThe Logo Creator-Laughing Bird Software

Laughing bird has been around since 1998. Owner Marc Sylvester,
began his internet gig doing logos and websites for clients all over the planet.
This was back in the days of DIAL UP modems! … He’s old.
your old man
In 2001, He decided to merge his graphic abilities with his programming knowledge and came up with …The Logo Creator!

And they have been running with it ever since. That’s the story in a nutshell…

I am Using The Logo Creator For My Splash pages, Logo Graphic’s, page headers and any kind of Banner you can think of…

Super easy to use graphics software
for Mac and Windows!

With these Laughingbird Software products, you can create your own amazing graphics like logos, page headers, YouTube Art, blog images banners and SO MUCH MORE!

Graphics Software by LaughingbirdFinally, A Graphics Creation tool that will Transform Your Websites Into beautiful looking Sales Machines.

25,000 Facebook Fans love the software! Come by and say Hi!

Boost Your Website Sales Instantly With Professional Graphics…

Every week, Marc creates a video tutorial for users of The Logo Creator. He showing the power of The Logo Creator software that
You’ll be creating with this amazing logo software in minutes. Everything is REALLY easy to use.
The Logo Creator runs on your computer. There are Mac AND Windows versions of The Logo Creator.
This way you take advantage of your computer’s processing power and you get your logo designs instantly! And with no monthly fees! Unlimited use!


The Laughingbird Affiliate Program
is using JVZOO for there affiliate program.
If you haven’t yet signed up for a FREE Jvzoo account,
do so here===>JVZOO or click the banner.


With Laughingbird’s amazing software, you can stop wasting time and money and start creating (and selling!) professional graphics that will make you proud.

From Pizza Flipper | To Six Figures | It’s your budget!

The Only Three Tools You Need to Make Money Online and Where to Get the
Absolute Best For Ridiculously Cheap.
How To Get An Avalanche of Traffic Using Free and Dirt Cheap Methods
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Jon’s Two Secret Weapons That Will Take Your Marketing to a Higher Level
And the Pizza Plan is Yours Free With No Strings Attached

It’s time to talk about something, that makes accountants squirm…Its a topic that makes executives roll their eyes and math students shake…

It’s your budget!
And to be honest….It’s not very sexy!
However there is a reason 99% of the people reading this email will delete it and the 1% that do read it and take action on it….See huge success!

This is The Pizza Plan 2, the second version of the popular marketing budget plan that was the rave of the industry since 2007!

It’s been re-written and completely re-done to give you the exact step by step plan that took a high school drop out who baked pizzas for a living, into a successful online entrepreneur.

But again, 99% of you will delete this email….

No need to read any further!

Tools | Auto Responder | Simplified By TimTech

Here is something you may not know,
building your mailing list does not have to require a PHD in rocket science!

The guys at TimTech have simplified the auto responder
and created something you will understand the moment you sign up.
It’s easy to use
– It’s powerful
– Your e-mails are delivered
– It’s affordable
– And it’s the perfect evergreen product for your business!

Join Rocket Responder now and
see how an auto responder should work…
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Yours in success,
Lloyd Wells