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TCP News Using Aweber With The Conversion Pros


Setup Aweber
Step 1

You will need to get your authorization code from You will be asked to login to your Aweber account.

Step 2

Paste the authorization code from Aweber into the field below. Then click the “Test Authorization Code” button!

How to use Aweber auto-responder instead of the built in autoresponder inside The Conversion Pros Capture Page Builder

Once your Aweber account has been integrated successfully you see a list of your Aweber campaigns in a drop down when creating landers.
Just choose the Aweber account you would like used when someone fills out your form.

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Learn how you can grow your business with email marketing.

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Aweber GuuideWith this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create sign up forms
  • Create email content
  • Collect new subscribers
  • Automate your emails
  • Measure email performance

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Lloyd Wells Review on The Conversion Pros

Need More Signups

The Conversion Pros Does Delivers

I Join on December 24, 2015 I started checking out a new Marketing system called The Conversion Pros (TCP). I was looking for something to replace another program that failed to deliver and when I saw this one, I was intrigued. Intrigued by it’s simplicity and it’s POWER!

Really I was  was tired of complicated pay plans and owners trying to turn marketing systems into MLMs. With TCP the pay plan is simple. You get paid 50% for everyone you refer to the system. It’s a monthly commitment so you will earn 50% each month (Truly WOW). Refer just two people and your system is fr*ee. I Got My 2 plus 1 within the 7 Day Trail along with 22 other leads…

Yes, I jumped in right away for the $1 trial and had a really good look around and what I saw impressed me. I did some testing and promoted the program itself and was happy with the returns (my system is now more than paid for each month).

Grab some leads

Sure, it would be nice if I could earn from my referrals however, I’d rather see my referrals successfully using the system for what it is intended which is to generate leads for There business(s), ANY business.

Are you a Top earner

Conclusion – it’s all about Conversions!

The Conversion Pros gets a THUMBS UP from me and has already been added to my funnel as a must have tool. You can start for $1 and see all the tools you get access to. They keep adding more tools as well without charging you more! Signup, let your friends know – get two help them get their two then use your system to generate leads for YOUR business!

At the end of the day, I’ve added another income stream AND another resource to generate new members for my
EpxBody Business .

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The Conversion Pros Offers the Ultimate Tools to Help People Build their MLM Downline. We Offer 100% generic and Costumizable tools, traffic and training. We love helping people have success in Multi-Level Marketing.

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Making Your Network Work For You!

Many job seekers are confused about networking, and therefore doubt its effectiveness.
Networking is the art of building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.
So, like anything else, networking requires a bit of practice and finesse, but if done correctly,
networking can be an invaluable part of your job search campaign.

Here are a few tips that can help develop a network that works for you:

Be Patient

Networking doesn't happen overnight; it's a process. 
Networking is not just something you can check
off your job search list like "Send resume to Pfizer".

While people may want to help you, they might not be able to do so right away.Quite simply,
you may not be the first item on their agenda. So, if someone agrees to meet with you but can't do so immediately,
accept their offer graciously and patiently.  Never let an opportunity to meet with someone during the course of networking slip away.
Always be open to meeting!

Be Authentic and Kind

When you do meet with someone resulting from your scheduling attempts, take a sincere interest in their life,
not just the information or possible assistance they can offer you. Don't push people for their knowledge or
connections and then abandon the relationship.100% the real deal Networking means fostering relationships.
This objective cannot be achieved by one person constantly taking while the other person constantly
gives information or time.  Relationships are built on trust and sharing over time. 

Remember, one day you might be in a reverse career position; so be considerate and respectful to all you meet.
Find ways to periodically reconnect with the contacts in your network to stay up to date on their lives,
and let them know that you genuinely care about what is going on with them.  Also, connecting and re-connecting,
take the time to let them know that their advice and counsel was heard and put to good use.
Acknowledging their individual value to you and to your career. 
Reinforcement of the time and advice offered by those in your network will foster gratefulness,
awareness of their value to you and encourage them to continue helping you and others.

Be a Conduit

Remember, the objective of networking is…well…more networking.
You should be constantly adding people to your list of contacts. "Plus One Every Day"
Always find more contacts to meet and, in turn, become a great connector yourself!
Open up your network to others. Hopefully they'll follow suit and do the same for you,
keeping the cycle going. Think about those contacts who could help others in your network,then introduce them!

Be a Teacher

Keep in mind that not everyone you meet will understand what networking is or how they can help you.
Many people think that the best way they can help you as a job seeker is to take your resume and pass
it along to their human resources department.
While their intentions are noble, their strategy won't help you
and could actually wind up being
counter-productive and consequently,losing you a great job.

HR managers, like recruiters, are sometimes only motivated to take action on your resume if there is a current job
opening within the organization that matches your skills. If a position is not available, they have no incentive to
contact you and the connection is lost.

Rather than giving your contacts a resume, ask them if they could introduce you to a member of their company
so that you can learn more about their position, industry, and organization.
This way, you'll learn more about the company, share information about yourself,
and begin to build a relationship rather than ending up as just another resume lost at the bottom of the pile.

Be a Helper

Networking is all about reciprocity.
No matter who you're dealing with, you should always try to give more than you receive.
For example, if you have information about a particular company, industry, or educational program
that would be valuable to someone in your network, share it. 
By sharing you will help others and in turn, others will help you.

Whether you're currently employed or job seeking is irrelevant – networking is a constant process.
Obviously, you'll be more on the receiving end of your contacts' information when you're on the look
out for a new job. But that just means you need to work that much harder at giving information
and sharing your network while happily employed.

If you're constantly looking for ways to help people in your network achieve their goals,
they'll be much more likely to help you in return.

Achieving Success In Business – A Practical Insight

Achieving Success In Business A Practical Insight

Who is a successful entrepreneur?
– the answer lies in the person who seems to achieve success
 in business as if by some magic formula, but in reality there is
none except some practical down-to-earthly traits which he/she
 has imbibed or cultivated over a period in time.
 Topping the list of such characteristics,
 is the entrepreneur’s self-confidence in his/her own self and
 ability to excel in comparison to others, followed by sheer
efforts to stay focused on a rather lofty objective, and thirdly
by a judicious combination of risk-taking mixed with caution
 in almost perfect balance.

People who are achievers succeed in business by naturally
 displaying some very interesting behaviours that seem to be
based on easily assimilated characteristics such as decision-making,
 independent thinking,
dedication to work,
emphasis on more effort than luck,
and so on, in addition to the top three, mentioned above.
 Again even among those key characteristics,
 Self-confidence stands as the hallmark of the successful entrepreneur,
 without which all the other characteristics would fade or vaporize
 into  thin air. Such is the standing of self-confidence as an essential trait,
 in the overall making of a persons ability to succeed in business.

Adopting a few small but effective strategies can further strengthen
 this potential self-confidence mechanism. (a) Nurturing a positive attitude,
 would enhance self-confidence, in oneself which in turn would lead to spreading
the almost infectious messages of positive thinking to all those (friends, clients,
 peers and subordinates) who are associated. (b) Transforming positive thoughts
 into visible action focused on the business goals, going in small but steady steps,
 constantly striving and pushing towards achievement of success in the business
. (c) Always conceiving and creating alternative routes to reach the business
objectives and ultimately success.

Above all, the successful entrepreneur
generally has to think faster to see ahead of the others,
and decide the pace of progress keeping a delicate balance between one’s own
abilities and the business goals in the short and in the long term, never accepting
 defeat/setback casually.

On the whole the person who possesses some of the desirable traits such as Self-confidence,
positive thinking, the never-give-up attitude, and those who can see ahead of the others,
 seem to be the forerunners in the race to establish themselves as  successful  entrepreneurs
. It is these characteristics that others have to strive to emulate in the highly competitive sphere
 of business functions and successful entrepreneurship.