Streaming Devices Comparison

Say Goodbye to CABLE
chat for streaming vstreamThere are misconceptions about the different streaming boxes on the market. Let me educate a lot of people who are not clear you can buy streaming devices from price range $40 to $400. All boxes are designed to stream but all boxes are not created equally what separates VStream from a lot of devices on the market here is a list.
1. Exclusive updater – what happens with any device you buy most apps on the devices are owned by individuals or non profit organizations. A lot of apps will stop working after a while due to owner of the app shutting it down or they could be having server issues. That is like you paying for Cable TV if the channels are not working would you continue to pay for it I think not!
VStream has solved that problem. Anytime a app stops working our company has a development research team that looks for the best apps to replace the ones that are not working once they find the apps they feel comfortable with they update the main updater they are ready for you to update your box and like magic new apps are on your box without you having to do the ground work to find them it’s called convenience. That’s just like you paying someone to wash your car even though you can do it yourself you choose not to giving you the convenience not to do it yourself.
2. Technology – as we all know technology changes every 4 to 6 months that’s why you have so many versions of the Andriod phones like Samsung note 3 and 4 now they have a 5 the same with iPhone s. In order to stay competitive with the competition you would not want to sell a outdated product would you I think not. We have the ability to stay in the game with the newest technology.
3. Customer– Service most boxes you buy off Amazon don’t offer customer support you are lucky if they even offer email support. We have the ability to have customer support if there is a issue with our device.
4. No overhead most companies who try to get in the streaming business fail because of a lack of knowledge. Ask yourself a question how many other companies have tried to do what VStream has been doing since 2015 and now are out of business I can name at least 7 who are now out of business and for the people who want to try doing this business by creating your own good luck now you have to handle all customer service you have to worry about your product not working good luck now it becomes a headache.
VStream One Year Warranty and a 14 day money back Guarantee– We are so confident that our product will perform you get a 14 day money back guarantee and a year warranty.
5. 17 Year Old Company that pays us to share our products with others and get paid. Most companies are fly by night deals.
Just a side note the jail broken amazon fire stick can’t hold a comparison to VStream. Remember you get what you pay for once those apps stop working on your fire stick which they will the person who programmed the device for you will keep charging you a update fee every time your box needs a update which means you will be paying for that stick 20× over.
I could go on and on but take a look at the comparison chart and watch the short demo and see for yourself that I believe we have the best device on the market!!!
PS: Do me a favor and share this with everyone you know who has a TV and anyone you know who is sick and tired of there cable or satellite bill 🙂 P>S>S> COMING SOON VSTREAM TV3Vstream TV3